Richard N. Ash, MD

Richard N. Ash, MD was a brilliant and generous physician, and the founder of The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in 1985. Originally trained as an internal medicine specialist, he subsequently became a leader in the field of environmental medicine after realizing that there were no conventional methods that could release toxicity from his body and help him recover from a chronic illness. He subsequently developed a program to understand the root cause of disease, treat the body as a whole, and achieve dramatic, sustainable improvement for patients. Those who surrounded him—from patients, to friends and family, colleagues, the waiter at the corner restaurant, and all those he reached in his prolific media appearances—loved and respected him. Even though he departed in December 2015, his legacy remains alive in The Ash Center, and is being carried to fruition through the hard work and dedication of all those involved with the Center, first and foremost his beloved wife Rachel Ash, whose continued efforts are moving The Ash Center forward with great heart