“It seemed impossible to think I would ever regain strength and…energy. But now all my daily chores are being done by me! Love walking our dog every day, getting fresh air and sun and sometimes walking in the rain (it’s only water). We are ever grateful to our son for taking us to you! Again, thank you very much!”

“Just about a year has elapsed since I began a course of Reconstructive Therapy for my shoulder and back pain with the gratifying result that the PAIN, PAIN did indeed GO AWAY. I still marvel about the efficacy of this unique treatment. So I would like to thank you and your caring staff for the countless kindnesses shown me throughout this period.”


“On Sunday April 9, I called your radio show to ask your guidance regarding my 8-year old grandson. He suffered a mild concussion while playing ice hockey two months ago and has headaches since then. The neurologist prescribed a medication… This it the point at which I called you. On April 12, my grandson received the Pure Essential Vitamin C and Ultra Quercetin package you recommended. As of April 27, the headaches are gone. We cannot thank you enough and also thank God for you. We listen to your radio show each Sunday—keep up the good work!”

“I wish to express my profound gratitude for your Pure Essentials Bone Repair pills and other products. Your pills have strengthened my fingers as well as my bones and have saved my career as a concert pianist. May God bless you and protect your stamina.”