Targeted Wellness Packs

Pure Essentials are therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced solutions for managing stress, promoting digestive health, respiratory clarity and reversing overall toxicity in your body. To purchase one of the packs below, call the Ash Center at 212-758-3200, or visit us at 800A Fifth Avenue at 61st Street. 

1. SOUND SLEEP ($169)

Ultra Sleep Support, Ultra Calm and Relax Max

Make a good night’s sleep top priority and reap the biggest benefit for overall health. A deeply satisfying slumber allows for proper detox and repair, laserlike focus and superlative decision-making the next day. These three supplements will work to support the neurotransmitter pathways responsible for quality rest.



Ultra Buffered C, Ultra Vitamin D3 and Ultra Quercetin

This trio powerfully decreases inflammation, optimally supports immune system function and precisely guides cells to stay on course. By offering the highest levels and purest forms of anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids and polyphenols available, this pack accomplishes its tasks flawlessly. Take the grouping regularly and perform the ultimate act in preventive medicine.  



Ultra Adrenal Support, Ultra Magnesium
and Ultra Buffered C

Responsible for providing the hormones required to meet the challenges we daily confront, your adrenal glands require reinforcement now more than ever. This group supplies them with all the necessary factors to give you the best chance to perform when the game’s on the line – or to at least get up and out in the morning!


4. MUSCLE POWER ($289)

Metabolizer Energizer, Ultra CoQ10 100mg
and Amino Acid #1

Taking care of muscle tissue is crucial to feeling great mentally and physically, and is the key to vitality throughout a long life. These three formulations fuel the energy generators of your body (your mitochondria) to keep you feeling strong long after you leave the gym.


5. BREATHE EASY ($259)

Ultra Aller - X, Ultra Sinus Clear and Ultra Quercetin

Ramp up your detoxifying capacity and knock down swollen nasal passages. Chock full of natural anti-inflammatory agents, start taking this pack now to naturally help your body avoid illness and keep airways clear.    


6. DR. LYON’S ( x 2) SIGNATURE CORE 6 ($379)

Ultra Buffered C, Ultra Quercetin, Lacto - Dophilus,
Ultra Absorb, Ultra Magnesium AND ULTRA Vitamin D3

The Signature Core 6 works in concert to comprehensively provide your system with all the bioavailable raw materials it needs to build, breakdown, defend and excel.